Control Systems

Tradestar control systems are ruggedized to perform in demanding mine environments.  Our control systems optimize equipment performance safe-guard your operators, and will save you money by delivering accurate quantities hole after hole.  We have systems designed to meet your budget and efficiency requirements.  The touch screen enabled functions are unmatched in the industry.


Our intuitive touchscreen interfaces with a ruggedized PC running Microsoft Windows to provide highly accurate and repeatable deliveries.  An optional Eclipse Connect data collection function provides the capability to download regulatory, inventory, and tracking information.  The EC200 is GPS, GSM, and WiFi capable and easily integrates with safety shutdown systems.  This is a closed loop control system.


This unit is a proven and cost effective hardware-based solution that monitors ingredient delivery and the final product.  The EC004 is ruggedly built with user-friendly controls and easily integrates with safety shutdown systems. An optional printer facilitates reporting.